SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG)– A Spanish Fort family’s ring doorbell caught a scene that no one wants to see – a person breaking into their vehicle – nothing was stolen and the person has not been identified but as the holidays creep up, this is a common trend.

Spanish Fort Police Department Chief John Barber said this is a normal trend during the holidays.

“We always see around the Eastern Shore starting around this time of the year through January, where the criminals know people are out there shopping, a lot of them are leaving their homes, we see a lot of cars being broken into,” Barber said.

People who steal packages from doorsteps have been given the name “porch pirates” and their favorite time of year is now. There is one thing that can help you and law enforcement catch one red-handed. 

“One of the best advice, I can give to anybody right now, is ring cameras or any kind of surveillance cameras for your home,” Barber said.

But always remember to get all valuables out of your vehicle because, according to police, people are looking for specific items this time of year. 

“Most of the times they are looking for a gun but certainly If they see Christmas presents that are being hidden in a vehicle, they will take anything of value and then just keep working,” Barber said. 

Spanish Fort Police Department highly encourages everyone to lock their vehicle as soon as they step out, especially during the holiday season.