SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) — Spanish Fort Police were called two times over the weekend of reports of someone breaking into vehicles near Garison Ridge and Cambron Trails subdivisions.

Spanish Fort Police Chief John Barber said this is normal during the holiday season. Barber said two guns were stolen from a vehicle in Garison Ridge over the weekend. And, Barber said, that’s not unusual.

“This is unfortunately something that we see quite often in our area on the Eastern Shore, around the holidays it tends to pick up,” said Barber.

The Spanish Fort Police Department did say that, despite this being a problem every year, there have been fewer reported break-ins this year than during the 2020-21 holiday season.

Residence Ring Camera footage shows a suspect walking around Cambron Trails around 2:45 Saturday morning, checking door handles. Barber explained several factors that make this type of crime more common around the holidays.

“School lets out, I think a lot of them know that people are traveling or moving,” said Barber. “There are some people from out of town, so it does seem to bring more of that to our area, unfortunately.”

Officers also said many Spanish Fort residents post their surveillance video on social media instead of reporting it right away. Barber’s said residents should contact the police department first.

“We need to be sure that we are in the loop, that we are getting these videos,” Barber said. “It helps us identify them, that we can get that information out there.”