SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) – Complaints of speeding in Spanish Fort’s largest subdivision are keeping police busy this week.

“When we first started we were probably stopping 10-15 cars a day and night. Some people were receiving tickets and a lot of people were receiving warnings. We’re not just about writing tickets. We’re wanting to make a change and slow people down,” said Spanish Fort Police Chief John Barber. Officers began increasing patrols last week.

Barber said more officers are in Spanish Fort Estates, primarily focusing on Spanish Main making sure drivers don’t exceed the 25mph posted speed.

“Spanish Main is a unique street it has a lot of hills, a lot of curves. It does not have a sidewalk,” he explained.

Through the years, stop signs have been added to slow drivers down and residents like Terry Vincent use their own signs to curb the problem.

“Over the last 16 years I’ve gone to the city council over and over again explaining to them the problem on Spanish Main, asking them for help on Spanish Main,” said Vincent.

While he’s glad to see more officers in the neighborhood, he’d also like to have speed bumps added near his home. He’s hoping the city can work that into next year’s budget.

“You don’t have to pay them vacation. You don’t have to pay for retirement, but yet they do their job 24/7 and control the speed of the traffic. If they don’t someone is going to be injured or someone is going to be killed,” he continued.

For now, though, Chief Barber said officers will continue patrolling day and night reminding drivers to slow down.