SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) — The buzzing noise of getting a tattoo is now allowed in Spanish Fort after three decades of not allowing any parlors.

Mayor Mike McMillan said it’ll bring another business to the city.

“It’s a new day and age,” McMillan said. “Tattoos and tattoo parlors are part of what things are now.”

But there are some restrictions.

“Elementary school, churches, daycares, those type of facilities, parks, have to be 500 feet from there, has to be 250 feet away from any residential area,” McMillan said.

We spoke with a local tattoo artist, Kevin Black, who said it’s about time the city lets tattoo shops in.

“It’s a good thing,” Black said. “It’s positive. The ordinance should have never existed in the first place, but I’m happy to see it’s been lifted.”

One of Black’s close friends, Rachael Ellzey, who is also a tattoo artist, said the city listened to her requests.

“The council worked with me to amend it, and I really appreciate it,” Ellzey said.

Ellzey said she wants to open the first shop in the city.