SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) — Members of Providence United Methodist Church were inspired by Daphne Search and Rescue’s efforts in helping people in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. So inspired — they wanted to help too.

“We’ve been there, you know?” Clark Ratcliffe said. “We know what it’s like. And we’re very blessed to be able to help. We wish them well, they’re in our prayers.”

Daphne Search and rescue sent 350 gallons of gas to Cajun Coastal Search and Rescue in Baton Rouge earlier this week.

Church members at Providence are now funding another 350 gallons.

“So these guys are helping run supplies in the bayou areas, they’re continuing to do search and rescue over there as well, K-9 team. This is strictly for the search team and their boats,” said Tony Dickey with Daphne Search and Rescue. 

Gas has been sparse all across Southeastern Louisiana the past week-and-a-half, with lines for fuel dozens of cars deep at every gas station.

This second supply of gas will depart early Friday morning.

Anyone who wishes to help out with a future gas donation can contact Chaplain Tony Dickey at (251) 654-8803.