SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) — For some people, battling COVID-19 has been a tough experience but imagine testing positive for the virus twice. That’s what happened to a Spanish Fort woman last week. She’s experiencing symptoms again.

“I’m having the fever and the severe body aches. It’s really odd how low of a fever, even though it’s a fever, it’s not very high. My body aches are insane,” said Jennifer Pratschner, who tested positive for the virus again just before Christmas.

She first tested positive for COVID-19 in March and fought through it. This time around she’s experiencing symptoms she never had before.

“I have more chest tightness this time around than last time. It’s a little bit of a concern,” she added.

Pratschner is a cancer survivor who never imagined she’d be dealing with a second round of the virus. She tells us she’s monitoring her blood oxygen levels and is in contact with her doctor each time there’s a drop.

“I feel like I have done this before and I know what’s involved. All the symptoms are the same, but like I said the only thing that’s a little more intense is the chest tightening. That’s a little scarier for me because last time that wasn’t an issue,” Pratschner continued.

Since contracting the virus again she’s already had to visit the emergency room. She’s hoping things level off in the coming days.