DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) — UPDATE: Both Daphne Police and Five Guys have responded to requests from News 5.

Five Guys Marketing and Communications said, “Five Guys and the franchisee are actively investigating the situation and are committed to getting to the bottom of it. However, no matter what the details are, we do not want these police officers, or any customer, to feel disrespected or slighted in anyway. We apologize to those officers and also  want to make it clear that Five Guys and its franchisees are committed to fair, respectful, and equal treatment for all customers. We will continue to investigate the matter.”

Daphne Police said “The Daphne Police Department appreciates the outpouring of support from our community and from supporters of Law Enforcement across the country.  We also want to thank Five Guys on a corporate and local level.  We have been working through this situation and there has been total cooperation.  The Daphne Police Department does not think that the actions of a few employees represent Five Guys as a whole.  To clarify some misinformation that has been spread on social media, on July 7, three officers of the Daphne Police Department entered the Five Guys restaurant in Daphne.  The three officers became aware of the mask requirement.  They returned to their vehicles to obtain masks.  All three officers were wearing masks the entire time they were inside of the establishment.  The events that occurred while the officers were in the restaurant were unfortunate.  We will continue to work with Five Guys on this matter towards resolution once all the facts are known.”

Original story

Restaurant employees refused to serve Daphne Police, according to a credible source. News 5 was told the officers went to Five Guys to eat after court. A group of employees turned their backs on the officers. One of the employees could be overheard saying “I’m not serving them.” The source said the officers walked out and went to another restaurant.

Daphne Mayor Dane Haygood released the following in response to our story Wednesday morning:

“My office is aware the story reported on WKRG. We have been put the Daphne Police Department in touch with ownership of the establishment in order to understand what occurred and circumstances surrounding the event. We love our PD in the City of Daphne, Alabama – “The Jubilee City” and certainly hope that our officers were not refused service. I am offering to buy these five officers their next meal. Who else wants to follow suit to show our support and appreciation for our men & women in blue?”