SILVERHILL, Ala. (WKRG) – For the first time since the 75-acre property was purchased in July of 2021, crews are clearing the land making way for the new Silverhill Elementary School.

“To see actual trees come down, dirt being moved, to see crews out it’s just been an amazing thing,” said Silverhill Mayor Jared Lyles.

The site work should wrap up in January, then once bids go out the actual construction should take about 18 months. The larger campus on County Road 55 is something Mayor Lyles says is needed now more than ever as more families move to Baldwin County.

“The size of our current school probably holds the 300-400 kids we have very tightly. That area is just exploding. I think we’ve seen 400 approved lots in the last year just outside of our borders and I think we’ve already had a call this week about another subdivision that’s looking to come in which would be another 200,” he explained.

The new campus can accommodate up to 1300 students and close to 500 just in the cafeteria. That’s a major upgrade considering the current elementary school was built in the 1950’s. The campus is maxed out on 7 acres, but the new school is designed with the future in mind and extra room to grow.

“The building that they are going to construct is just an amazing thing, not only for our kids, but for our community and we’re just very excited to see it progressing,” said Lyles.

The school system hasn’t announced what they plan to do with the current campus once the new school is built.