SILVERHILL, Ala. (WKRG) — A family of six left with just a few belongings after their home was destroyed in a fire on Harvester Drive on Oct. 7.  

Rachel Duncan-Heinz was at home on what she thought was a typical Friday until a neighbor came to tell her that her house was on fire.

“I was inside and someone knocked on the door and let us know that our house was on fire. I came out and checked and it was on fire,” said Duncan-Heinz.

The family quickly ran outside and watched as the flames spread through their home. Their neighbors quickly stepped in to help.

“I just want to thank my neighbors who went and got my dogs and just those who held my kids,” said Duncan-Heinz.

The family welcomed a baby four months ago. Duncan-Heinz said it was hard seeing all her first baby toys and blankets gone.

“The first thing that we saw was all her baby stuff and that was right in the center of the house, we had a big giant playpen with all of her stuff in it so it was just kind of contained, so that was just kind of defeating, seeing all her brand-new stuff because she’s so little was just really hard,” said Duncan-Heinz.

Firefighters from six different volunteer fire departments all worked together to put the fire out. Officials believe the fire started from a lawn mower that was inside the garage.

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