Signs of Sally: Wedding message left behind in Orange Beach, found in Sally debris

Baldwin County

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — Buried in the sands of Orange Beach for more than a decade, a unique reminder of a local wedding was unearthed during Hurricane Sally.

When Kenny and Carolyn Rawles got married on Orange Beach in 2008, they stood on a piece of plywood, Carolyn says so her heels wouldn’t sink in the sand. After the wedding they scrawled a message in the board and stored in their backyard shed. There it stayed for just short of 12 years. Then high winds and high waters not only uncovered it, but blew it into Emily McKay’s in-laws’ yard as she was in town helping with the cleanup.

The wedding board found in the McKay’s yard after Hurricane Sally.

Cynthia McKay, Emily’s mother-in-law spoke with us about what it was like finding the board “we were moving board after board and we were just tired of moving boards and them my daughter in law goes, hey that board has writing on it and so we got it and kind of cleaned all of the mud off of it and I said oh that’s somebody’s board they got married on, I would want that.”

Emily posted it on Facebook, hoping the couple were still together and also hoping she could find them.

They were, and she did. Carolyn Rawles saw the post and confirmed the artifact belonged to them. Carolyn says she never thought she would see the board again. Just a few months ago the couple sold that beach house where they got married, but unfortunately left the board behind. Now McKay is in contact with the Mobile couple in hopes of returning it to them.


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