DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) — Four car break-ins occurred in Daphne over the weekend in broad daylight. Windows were smashed and belongings were stolen.

“Two occurred in parks, one was at a gym parking lot and the last one was at Daphne Civic Center,” Captain Gulsby with Daphne Police Department said.

A mother and daughter were spending their Saturday at Lott Park when they saw a man smashing their window and running away with a purse full of credit cards and important documents.

“They like to target, places where they know ladies will leave their purses behind, like gyms and parks, you know, they will walk through a parking lot, look for a purse or a backpack or a computer bag, smash the window and be gone with it in just seconds,” Gulsby said.

Another break-in occurred at Bayfront Park, where a purse was stolen from a vehicle. The Daphne Police Department said that after the victim reported the crime at Bayfront Park, the victim’s credit cards were used an hour later at Best Buy.

The break-in at the gym happened around 8:30 one morning and the back window had been smashed. A purse was stolen during this incident.

Police said they’ve seen surveillance video of the suspect but cameras didn’t get a shot of his face because he was wearing a mask.

“Secure your valuables, put your purses, your bags, anything that even looks like a purse, put it in the trunk, stick it under the seat, these folks, they’re walking by cars and just glancing in,”  Gulsby said.

The Daphne Police Department asked that any residents or visitors who have information about the break-ins contact them.