WASHINGTON, D.C. (WKRG) — Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville recognized an Orange Beach veteran on the Senate floor Monday, Nov. 1.

Sgt. Ryan Charrier was one of five Alabama veterans whom the senator honored.

“Like [Ryan] Charrier, from Orange Beach, Alabama, who served as a United States Air Force Technical Sergeant in the War in Afghanistan with the 442nd Fighter Wing. He received his first deployment when his children were just eight and four years old,” Tuberville said.

The other Alabama veterans Tuberville recognized for their military service were Cpl. Edsel Bonds of Samson, Sgt. George Mills of Decatur, Lt. Col. Fred Lacy of Auburn, and Cpl. Clyde Haynes of Vestavia Hills. 

“Alabama is home to nearly 400,000 veterans, and today, it is my honor to recognize a few of them for their service,” Tuberville said. “I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many veterans from my great state, and I am always inspired by their service, and their sacrifice. Their patriotism is unmatched, and their courage is unwavering.”

Tuberville recognizes Charrier at about the 9:45 minute mark in the video above.