DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) — County Road 13 is busy day and night in Baldwin County.

“It’s gotten very busy, and we have these new neighborhoods coming up,” Daphne Mayor Robin LeJeune said. “We do have sidewalks on one side of CR 13, but some of the neighborhoods are on the other side.”

That’s why residents living in the Sehoy and Diamante neighborhoods are asking the City of Daphne for help. They’re concerned about walking or running along the stretch of road between Whispering Pines Rd. and Champions Way.

“If cars don’t stop for a jogging pedestrian in fluorescent clothing they certainly won’t stop for children,” said a resident who recently addressed the Daphne City Council earlier this month.

Mayor LeJeune said flashing crosswalk signs are being ordered to alert drivers of pedestrians in the area, but he said sidewalks on both sides of the road are the ultimate solution. Sidewalks are something he’s hoping future grants can help with.

“We understand their concerns, so we’re trying to actively find some solutions for them,” he explained.

LeJeune said more students are walking to and from Daphne Middle School and Daphne High School and the lack of a sidewalk on the east side of County Rd. 13 can make that journey even more dangerous.

“That’s where it really comes from is these kids trying to walk to school and be active so we just want to make sure everyone looks at surroundings, notice people that are trying to cross. Slow down and let them cross the road,” said LeJeune.

The grant process will take some time so a sidewalk likely won’t be an option until at least late next year. In the meantime, the flashing crosswalk signs should be installed within the next few weeks. With the push of a button, the signs will light up warning drivers that someone is entering the crosswalk.