ROBERTSDALE, Ala. (WKRG) – Viewer video taken Tuesday shows what happens near Jarret Clark’s Robertsdale home anytime there’s heavy rain.

“The manhole over here is just spewing water and toilet paper and all of that stuff everywhere,” he explained. A sewer overflow on College Avenue is concerning residents who live nearby. “The smell through here when it does overflow, it smells like raw sewage,” Clark said.

Toilet paper is still scattered around the sewer cover Wednesday. Clark said it’s a problem that keeps on surfacing. He’s looking for a permanent fix.

“It floods this whole area. You can see it all behind us here. It flows right down to the entrance to one of the creeks. We don’t want this coming through our yards. We’re just trying to figure out what needs to be done to get this fixed,” he continued.

Robertsdale city officials said the overflow on College Avenue was the only overflow reported Tuesday when several inches of rain fell in an already saturated area. Mayor Charles Murphy said even one overflow, though, is too many and that’s why the city is working on a $14 million project to make sure these problems are corrected.

“It’s what we’re all wanting here is something to get fixed, something to be done. At least some sort of timeline of when this is going to be fixed,” said Clark. That timeline isn’t known yet, but Clark said those improvements can’t come soon enough.