SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) — Potholes are making it tough for drivers to navigate Eastern Shore Blvd in Spanish Fort. Jennifer Jeter, who travels the road for work almost daily, knows about the problems all too well.

“I drove through here one night and it was raining, it was very dark and it popped my front tire and knocked my car out of alignment. It cost me about $300 to get it fixed,” she said.

She’s one of a handful of drivers who have been left with costly repairs over the last couple of years. Street lights are also out making the route even more dangerous at night.

“I could not even see the potholes until I was in it and when I hit it it was so hard it did more than just pop my tire. I thought it damaged the whole front end of my car,” Jeter continued.

It’s a story we’ve been following closely through the years. Last week we reported a contract has finally been awarded to rebuild the road that’s plagued drivers for far too long. Spanish Fort Police Sgt. Steven Mooney is glad the stretch of road will be safer for drivers now that a $3.9 million contract has been awarded to Asphalt Services, Inc.

“It is a little bumpy out there,” he said.

Officers have been dodging potholes for years and also noticing problems, especially at night. Police headquarters is located in the Eastern Shore Centre close by.

“It’s going to be smoother for drivers and safer. They’re not only going to just be repaving, they’re going to be addressing some of the drainage issues that’s caused the condition that it’s in right now and they’re going to be restoring the lighting,” Sgt. Mooney said.

Mayor Mike McMillan told us no city funds will be used on the project that’s expected to start soon. Crews have patched potholes trying hard to temporarily fix the problems in recent years, but drivers like Jennifer Jeter are glad a permanent solution is coming.

“I’m very excited about that,” she added.