Residents say coyotes are terrorizing Fairhope neighborhoods

Baldwin County

FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) – Residents in two Fairhope neighborhoods are concerned about a problem they say is only getting worse. They say coyotes are roaming the streets at all hours of the day and they’re hunting down pets.

“You don’t have freedom of your backyard anymore after sundown,” said Peggy Wiggins who lives in the d’Estrehan subdivision off of Boothe Road in Fairhope.

Wiggins says the wild animals are getting too close to her property and she had a close encounter with them earlier this month. The animals have become a nuisance in her neighborhood and the connecting River Oaks community.

“They were actually up on the fence looking over, 2 of them were. I’m assuming they could smell my dogs. I have small dogs, a 14-pound and a 20-pound. I guess they caught the scent and were trying to get a snack,” she said.

Missing pet flyers are posted in the neighborhoods and even though residents can’t say for sure what’s happened, they have a pretty good idea.

“I actually think it came out because it thought my dog was alone, but it came out in the daylight and right up to the fence line and just stared us down,” said Beth Broyles who has also seen the coyotes.

Those who live there are thinking twice before leaving pets outside. They say the eerie noises can be heard at night even if you don’t spot the coyotes.

“It was actually so loud that it was a pack of coyotes at the back of the fence and it sounded like police sirens,” added Wiggins.

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