Residents concerned about concrete plant being built near Silverhill town limits

Baldwin County

SILVERHILL, Ala. (WKRG) – There’s a new neighbor coming to Silverhill, but it’s not one many people are excited to welcome.

“It’s going to be dangerous. It’s going to be a dangerous situation,” said Peggie Montgomery who lives along Highway 104, across the street from a new concrete plant that’s being built this week.

The Town of Silverhill is known for its quaint, charming, laidback way of life, but now some are worried that will change with the new plant being built just a few blocks west of the downtown district.

“I think it’s safe to say nobody is excited to see the concrete plant coming right outside of the Town of Silverhill. We really don’t like the idea of something industrial coming outside of our historical town,” said Mayor Jared Lyles.

The plant will be located along Highway 104 between County Road 49 and West Blvd.

“It’s already horrible every day to get out here, now just think about concrete trucks and also how heavy they are and how they can hit a car and really kill somebody,” added Montgomery.

Mayor Lyles says while the business wasn’t approved by town leaders, he’s working with the owners to make sure trees and other greenery are added along Highway 104. The property is in the county’s jurisdiction.

“And not only the visual, but it will hopefully break down and dust or anything like that,” Mayor Lyles added.

He says he has no doubt the owners will be good neighbors in the community and he’s hopeful it stays that way. He plans to continue working with the owners to make sure residents’ concerns are taken into account.

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