ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — Whether it’s doing a little fishing or just taking in the view, Perdido Pass is different things to different people. For the last two and a half years it’s mostly been off-limits to everyone.

“It’s been down for a while,” says Dean Halsey doing a little fishing under the bridge. “I was wondering when they were finally going to make repairs when I saw the engineers come out I said it must be pretty soon now.”

Starting this week the nearly $700.000, three-phase rebuild of the park begins. Crews are set to repair damage caused by Hurricane Sally and make improvements to the foundations, boardwalk and improve the park area. The west side of the park will be fenced off during the work but as each phase of the project is completed it will re-open to the public.

“I wished they had done this in the fall of the year rather than right now at the beginning of summer because it’s going to knock some people out of some enjoyment coming here,” said Jerry Little taking in the view from the fenced-off boardwalk.

Once the broken concrete is repaired, and the boardwalk replaced, the park which has been dubbed the “Gateway to Orange Beach” will once again be worthy of the name.

Crews have up to six months to complete repairs.