DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) — Cleanup and repairs continue Monday following last week’s EF-1 tornado that tore apart homes and businesses in Daphne. The tornado brought 95mph winds to the Eastern Shore just before 4 a.m. Friday morning.

Home security video shows a large tent tossed around in the high winds. That tent slammed into the back window of the home. Business owner Vince Boothe received a call from his alarm company around the same time at his office just around the corner. WKRG News 5 was first on scene Friday morning.

“I am surprised. We’ve had a pretty interesting year as far as twisters. For the first time in my life I got in the downstairs bathroom here about a month ago when there was one out in the bay,” said Boothe.

A large section of the front brick wall was knocked down Friday morning, but by Monday crews were already boarding up the exterior and making repairs. Computers and files inside the business weren’t touched when the tornado ripped through the business on Capital Drive.

“We had just redone the front and painted the brick, put these new nice canopies out here and ordered the sign to put back up and waiting on it to come back in. Now, we’re just going to take the rest of the brick down. We don’t know how far it’s cracked. We’ll take the rest of it down and then we’ll go back with a conventional metal building front,” he added.

The tornado first touched down behind the business, according to the National Weather Service in Mobile. A section of a home’s roof was ripped away and a front office window was broken, but by Monday the window was boarded up and the roof was already prepped for new shingles this week.

Those who were affected by the storm tell us they should have full repairs made by the end of this week. They’re working fast, they say, before rain returns later this week.