SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) — The crime scene tape is gone around the white mobile home that sits just off McFarland Road in Spanish Fort. There is no sign of the tragedy that took the lives of Clemmie Brown, 52 and Syretta Brown, 42. Their son, Trinell Brown, 25 now charged with capital murder in their deaths.

Trinell Brown, 25, charged with capital murder for the murder of his parents.

Investigators say it was an “ongoing argument” that led to at least 15 rounds from an AR-15 being fired inside the home, the couple was shot multiple times.

“Based on his own statements,” says Captain Andre Reid with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, “He just decided to go in and on Saturday was the day he was going to kill his parents.”

But at least one relative disagrees. Jermal Sledge says he is Trinell Brown’s uncle and that mental illness drove him to kill.

“It was not an argument or anything like people are saying, you know, it was just like his mind just went bad on him or something,” says Sledge. “There’s no way that he meant to do that to his mom and dad. It was like it was something else in him.”

There was another victim in all this too, according to investigators. Brown’s four-year-old was inside the home when the gunfire erupted and witnessed the murders.

“We are a close-knit family and we’re going to do what it takes for her and Trinell to get him the help that he needs,” says Sledge.

After the shooting, investigators say Brown called 911 and waited for law enforcement to arrive.

“He made a decision to go in there and murder his parents,” added Reid. “He could have done a million other things, but he didn’t.”

Charges against Brown were upgraded from murder to capital murder on Monday. He will have his first court appearance Tuesday morning for a bond hearing.