ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — Red snapper season. It is what some anglers wait for all year. “Oh it was awesome,” said Shane Gebs on his first red snapper trip. “Fish biting non-stop it felt like.”

Last week recreational season opened and now the charter boat fleet gets their crack at red snapper. “The fish bit extremely well,” said Captain of the “Reel Surprise” Randy Boggs. “I think all the boats in the fleet had a good catch of fish today.”

But it’s a trip that comes with a cost and that cost is going up. “We are 30 dollars a person higher,” said Boggs. “We went from 95 dollars a person to $125 per person for the same trip.”

The price hike driven by ever-increasing fuel prices. Filling up a boat can cost well over six thousand dollars and the trickle-down effect is impacting almost everything else. “The prices of the bait has gone up, the price of the leads have gone from 85 cents to $3.50. The price of hooks has gone up. The line that we fish with is made from a petroleum derivative so that price has gone up, I mean everything has escalated.”

Still, the boats are full and the fish plentiful. “A lot of people were saying it was fun and I was wanting to see how much fun it is,” said David Shell from Chattanooga, TN, “It was really fun.”

Meanwhile, fuel costs went up again overnight. One of the most popular fish in the gulf is seemingly worth the price of admission.

Snapper season for the charter fleet ends on August 19.