GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — After several days of a flat calm Gulf of Mexico, the waves are rolling and red flags are flying warning of dangerous surf conditions.

The timing of those red flags on the first day of hurricane season is not lost on beachgoer Mindy Avant. “They let us know you have to be aware, know what’s going on.”

As she and other beachgoers crowd the shore, thoughts of another hurricane season are as close as a watchful parent ensuring their child stays safe.

“Looks like it is a good day to start hurricane season,” says Craig Bale as he watches the waves roll in, “I’m trying to reason with hurricane season.”

Langston Worley enjoyed some beach time with his family but he knows how quickly conditions can change.

“Usually it’s later on when the gulf starts getting warm and that’s when it starts coming up this way but you never can tell, we might have one hit next week,” said Worley.

What’s to come, no one knows. The best advice from someone who’s been there, stay informed, be prepared, and “Don’t try to be a hero,” says Worley. “Do what authorities tell you to do.” It could just save a life.