FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — Saturday night, a Chrylser 300 pulled up to the back gate of Southern Chevrolet. It was around 8:30 p.m., long after the dealership had closed.

Three passengers got out of the car, cut the lock on the gate and in less than an hour they had stolen a Tahoe, Silverado and GMC Sierra, tools and about a dozen sets of tires and wheels.

Security camera photos from inside and outside of the dealership show them use a digital programmer to get into the vehicles.

“They appear to be professionals,” says Lt. Larry Dearing with Foley Police. “They knew what vehicles they wanted. They didn’t waste any time by going around to different vehicles. They went straight to the vehicles they wanted. The one guy was able to go to the new vehicle with the programmer or a laser cut key of some kind.”

One of the vehicles stolen belonged to a customer and inside was $6,000 in cash and a handgun.

Other law enforcement agencies in Dadeville, Ala., and Pickens County, South Carolina, have also reported similar thefts, all at the Chevrolet dealerships, getting similar vehicles and using the same devices to steal them. Two of the trucks stolen in South Carolina were later recovered in Birmingham.

In all it took the crew less than an hour to break-in, steal the vehicles and get out of town. Police were able to track the vehicles to Loxley through On-Star before the GPS system was disabled.