SUMMERDALE, Ala. (WKRG) – A homeowner in downtown Summerdale woke up to find a stranger in his house. The intruder wasn’t armed. Instead, police say he stood in the home puzzled not sure where he was. 

“He wasn’t aggressive. I don’t think he even remembers being there,” said Summerdale Police Chief Kevin Brock.

Brock said officers responded to the 911 call, believing a man had just been caught burglarizing the home.

“The homeowner did take it as him being an intruder and he did engage with him and do what he had to do to get him out of the house,” he said. 

The man ran off after a brief struggle. Police combed the area looking for the suspect, but they had no leads until now. The investigation revealed new details Tuesday afternoon. 

“We had an incident where we thought there was an intruder who showed up at someone’s residence. It basically turned out to be a medical issue where the subject had a head injury,” said Chief Brock. 

Police said they’ve spoken with a teenager and have pieced together the bizarre story. Brock said the teen was wandering the downtown area with friends when he fell from a barrel and hit his head on the way down.

“Medically speaking they told us he had a concussion and he had wandered the town until he was able to get into a home,” he added. 

Brock said this incident serves as a reminder to all residents, even if this particular case had no ill intentions.

“But, he did get into someone’s house so it’s just a reminder to lock your doors, lock your windows and just be aware of our surroundings when we’re going to bed,” Brock continued.

He said his officers are patrolling neighborhoods more this time of year as the holidays inch closer.