GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — 127 acres of prime real estate sits just off Coastal Gateway Boulevard undisturbed and undeveloped, but that is about to change.

“It’s truly an expansion of Gulf Shores public use land which will be here forever for people to enjoy,” says Gulf Shores spokesman Grant Brown.

The vision for the Coastal Gateway Community Park includes lakes, walking trails, a recreation center, pools and splash pads. It’s the type of amenities folks living in the north part of the city have had to travel elsewhere to enjoy according to resident Stephen Stell. “We have nothing on this side of town unless you go to Foley and the park up there. It’s going to be nice and centralized for everybody.”

There will also be a connector road between Coastal Gateway Boulevard and County Road 6 near the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, a fire station and eventually a second elementary school.

“I’m so excited,” says Linda Ballowe who lives next to the property. “They took so much time in planning and developing what was going to be on the acreage to meet all generational needs.”

“This is taking property in the northern part of our city and creating public use space,” added Brown.

The park will be funded with tourists dollars generated from the lodging tax increase the city implemented a couple of years ago, making the planned development even sweeter for folks like Ballowe who can’t wait for it to become a reality. “It’s not going cost us anything except enjoyment.”

Construction is expected to begin next Fall with the first phase of the park open by the Spring of 2026.