SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) – Shipping containers turned into restaurants, a coffee shop and other hangouts are the focal point of The Fort Container Park on the Eastern Shore. When the outdoor space opened in 2019, a playground and other amenities were added to the adjacent property creating a space for the entire family, but the newness quickly wore off.

“We’ve been getting calls for years about the maintenance and the upkeep of those areas of which it was owned by a separate entity,” said Spanish Fort Mayor Mike McMillan. “We had nothing to do with it.”

The once-neglected area is expected to change hands Monday once the City of Spanish Fort takes over this portion of the property currently owned by Cypress Equities.

“Everything to the north of the pond area which includes the splashpad, the playground area, the pavilion with the restrooms and all of that green space to the north will be deeded over to the city,” Mayor McMillan explained.

As part of the plan the city will build six new Pickleball courts on the property, hoping to bring new life to the site.

“With the Pickleball you know the parents can come out and play, the kids can come with them,” Mayor McMillan continued. “They can play on the playground then play in the splashpad. They can all walk over to the container park area, grab some food and drink and then sit back in the pavilion area and enjoy it as a family outing.”

And that’s the goal, to bring more visitors to the complex and create a space for everyone. As for the concerns about broken equipment, tall grass and other problems?

“It will be maintained on a daily basis,” said Mayor McMillan. “It will be cleaned up daily. Restrooms will be cleaned daily. The splash pad will be tested every day. It is a major undertaking for the city, but it’s another piece.”

As we’ve previously reported, several new parks and upgrades are also planned for other parts of the city. You can find a complete list on our website.