GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) — Hawaiian shirts, cheeseburgers and parrots can only mean one thing: The Parrot Heads have arrived at Gulf Shores for the “Meeting of the Minds.”

Lulu Buffet, Jimmy Buffett’s Sister, says she is thrilled to have the parrot heads in Gulf Shores.

“I just feel fantastic, look at all these people,” Buffet said. “The Parrot Heads are so dear to me. They have been Jimmy fans for so long. About 25 years ago when I got Lulu’s going, the Parrot Heads were the ones that kept us going.”

Key West, Florida, is where the Parrot Heads normally go for events, but this year they chose Gulf Shores. We spoke with the National Director of Membership, Suzanne Calhoun, and she said it’s the perfect place to be.

“We are so excited to be here in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, to bring ‘Meeting of the Minds’ here is a big deal, and it has been a massive undertaking, moving it from Key West, where we had it for the last 25 years of our 30 years, to moving it here, is different but what better place to kick this off than at Lulu’s?” Calhoun said.

Calhoun also said that they are expecting over 3,500 Parrot Heads to flock to Gulf Shores this week.

We spoke with a Parrot Head, Carl Wilkerson, from Oklahoma, who said he is thrilled to be in the area the Buffets grew up.

“This year we are celebrating Jimmy, and it’s all the Parrot Head clubs around the country coming into Gulf Shores, and so far, I am loving it,” Wilkerson said.

Lulu Buffet told News 5 that she was beyond excited that the Parrot Heads decided to come where she and Jimmy grew up.

“This is the original beaches we went to as a family here in Gulf shores and Dauphin Island, so this is the original beach for Jimmy that inspired his longing and his nautical longings,” Buffet said. “It’s Gulf Coast living, and the people who live here know that this is a special place.

The Parrot Heads will be in town all week celebrating their love for Jimmy Buffett.