ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — This cheeseburger is not for eating. It’s made of foam and concrete and is part of what could be a unique project in tribute to a beloved artist.

“We are starting the Parrot Head Reef system in honor of Jimmy Buffett,” said Nikki Swain, executive director of Reef World, a coral reef education and conservation non-profit.

But a signature piece would be needed to get the Parrot Head Reef Project kick-started. So, the call went out to the Reefmaker in Orange Beach.

“It was an odd request,” says Stewart Walter with Walter Marine, “but we always try to say yes to things, and I thought it was a great idea and a good opportunity to be a part of something to give back to the environment.”

What they created, “we were just blown away,” says Swain. “Then the finished product picture came in, and our jaws hit the floor.”

When the cheeseburger reefs hit the water, they will be 5 feet tall and weigh thousands of pounds.

“It’ll be a lot more porous,” says Walter. “We’ll have a lot more nooks and crannies for the sea critters to get into it. Complexity always makes good reefs, so we want something that has lots of nooks and crannies.”

Swain says more than half a dozen locations for the artificial reefs have already been secured from Texas through the Florida panhandle, with more sites waiting on approval along the eastern seaboard.

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