FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) – The streets of downtown OWA are quiet Friday, but come Saturday the first big event of the year kicks off in Foley. Saturday hundreds of visitors are expected to fill the streets for the 2022 OWA Arts & Crafts Festival. Over 60 vendors will setup for the 2nd annual event. The south Baldwin County entertainment venue is pushing into the new year with hefty goals.

“We’ve been very pleased with the progress and a lot of that is in part to the diverse businesses that we continue to recruit here to downtown OWA,” said Director of Marketing, Kristin Hellmich.

She says they’re in talks with numerous businesses who are looking to call OWA home in 2022. Rewind to 2020 and it was a much different story. There was a lot of uncertainty when the Park at OWA closed for a period of time as COVID-19 cases soared across the county.

“Rolling out of 2020, despite some of the slowdowns early in that year, we continue to see growth across the property with new businesses opening. Attendance has continued to go up year after year and we’re just excited to get into 2022,” said Hellmich.

The newest attraction at OWA is taking shape, too. Construction on an indoor waterpark is set to wrap up later this year and officials are counting on it to be a big hit.

“It is a new amenity that will be coming online by the summertime of this year and when we bring that amenity online people will be able to enjoy it year round. So, what we’re doing is working with the communities to bring year round tourism,” she added.

A new attraction and high projected attendance numbers at OWA this year means more jobs created, too. Saturday a job fair will be held during the Arts & Crafts Festival as they gear up for what could be a busy year ahead. Info on the job fair is below: