ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — The City of Orange Beach will be adding 10 feet to the city’s current cell towers to improve cell reception for residents.

Some Orange Beach residents said they have struggled with cell phone reception for years, and they are demanding action. According to city leaders, the current cell towers are not tall enough to accommodate the volume of calls. City Administrator, Ken Grimes said officials are taking action to fix the problem.

“So the Orange Beach City Council voted to increase the size of what is allowed for small cell towers, small cells are the new technology that is carrying the 5G type connectivity and we went from 40 feet to 50 foot in height allowance to allow that extra 10 feet, so the providers can get better coverage,” said Grimes.

Orange Beach is also a popular vacation destination for tourists. That, of course, means more people using their cell phones, making cell reception a challenge.

“An example is at the Wharf you have concert nights, at any given day at the Flora-Bama you have packed crowds, and at any given time of day you have 125,000 people in town so those circuits cannot carry all the load all the time and so this will give more opportunity to keep them connected and hopefully less dropped calls and less service issues,” said Grimes.

According to Grimes, the new cell towers should be put into place by Spring of 2023.