ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) The five-acre property on Russian Road was crawling with law enforcement officers as soon as the sun came up Thursday. By mid-morning, Tosh Peters was in custody.  During the search of his house, investigators found something unusual.  “We found this area in the flooring that appeared to be used as a vent pipe and we noticed there was air coming from that location and we could hear a fan down below,” says Orange Beach Police spokesman Lt. Carl Bradley.

It didn’t take long after that to find a hidden entrance to a tunnel leading to an underground nursery loaded with almost two dozen marijuana plants that were two to four feet tall.  “It opened up and broaden up a little bit bigger so we are looking at an area about 15 to 16 foot wide and over six feet in height,” says Bradley.

Nine pounds of marijuana was eventually confiscated and bagged as evidence. Peters was arrested and faces drug trafficking and distribution charges. More charges are likely.  Peters was convicted in 2003 on drug distribution charges.  Because of the amount of marijuana confiscated he could face federal drug charges. 

Peters was booked into Baldwin County Jail just after 1 p.m. Friday. A bond has been set to $250,000 for the charge of trafficking a controlled substance and a faces a possession of drug paraphernalia charge with a $500 bond. He has been ordered to wear an ankle monitor and under house arrest.