ORANGE BEACH. Ala. (WKRG) — Fire officials in Orange Beach are asking people to sign up for a new program they say will keep residents and first responders safer. It’s called “Community Connect.” According to the company’s website, the app is a voluntary program where people can enter information about their property, family members, special needs, and or pets.

“Any information you provide through Community Connect is completely voluntary and based on what you are comfortable sharing,” reads the Community Connect website. According to a Facebook post from the Orange Beach Fire Department, Community Connect can give firefighters crucial information when responding to an emergency.

“By providing information about your household that you feel is important for us to know about at the time of an emergency, we can ensure you and everything you care about is protected to the best of our ability,” said the post. The company’s website says user data will only be used for emergencies and “never used for any other purpose.” For more information on signing up click here.