BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Viewers watched Wednesday night as local favorite Jonathan Young said goodbye to “Survivor.” “Ugh, I was one away, one away but he snuffed that torch and I’m out,” said the season 42 contestant.

After 26 days on the island of Fiji, he was ‘this’ close to making it all the way to the end of Survivor, an experience he calls life-changing. “I had one thing on my bucket list for “Survivor” to leave on empty I wanted to give it everything I had and leave it on the island and I did.”

Jonathan Young from Gulf Shores says he left everything he had on the island during season 42 of “Survivor”.

Through all the challenges he became almost like a super-hero and a nemesis, especially to Lindsey.

“I love Lindsey,” he said. “She is like a female version of me. She is a competitor she works hard, she wants to win.”

He said he still stays in touch with most of the cast members from his tribe. “I talked to Omar a little while ago. My Taku people, Mike, love my main man Mike.”

He lost 23 pounds while on the island that’s almost a pound day. He says “Survivor” is as real as a reality show can be. “It messed with your head a little bit being out there, surviving but I loved it.”

Life after “Survivor” has begun and it’s different. “I’m just a normal guy but since you are in the best television show in the world everybody is starting to recognize you, get pictures with you. The support has been unbelievable.”

Now that the show is over it’s back to the beach in Gulf Shores where he runs his own business but if asked to do it again? “In a heartbeat. If I get the chance to be on “Survivor” I will stop everything and I will be back on that island.”

And we will all be watching.