LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — The fifty-acre site of the new career tech high school coming to Baldwin County continues to change the landscape of Loxley north of I-10.” The site prep is approximately 80 percent complete. At the time they are wrapping up we hope to have our building contractor duck-tailed to move in right behind them,” said architect David Adams.

Artists’ renderings show what the school will look like but they don’t show how a school that hasn’t even been built yet changed the conversation when it came to landing the twp and a half-billion-dollar Novelis aluminum plant and the one thousand jobs it brings with it.

“What is the community doing to make sure the pipeline of the workforce is going to be there forever?” That was the question Director of the Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance Lee Lawson had to answer during negotiations with Novelis. The career tech high school may have been a game-changer. “We are now talking about career tech education as a long-term workforce pipeline building initiative K-12 school system,” said Lawson.

Construction of the one-of-a-kind school is expected to begin later this summer. “These are more like college campuses,” said Adams. “It’s a complete 3D plan, open floor to floor like a two-story model.”

The school will accept 10th through 12th-grade students from across the county and is expected to open by the Fall of 2024.