FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — There’s about a 14-month delay in receiving a new garbage truck after it’s ordered, so Foley officials are already looking ahead.

Long hours and extended routes have kept public works employees busy for months as the demand for services increases now more than ever.

“We have a certain amount of cans per truck per day that we can pick up in an 8-hour time, so we’re at that threshold where we need to add a 5th truck to get the can per truck count down,” City of Foley Public Works Director Darrell Russell said.

Some employees are working 14-hour days to empty dumpsters and cans. The extra work is forcing the City of Foley to approve the purchase of two new trucks this month at a cost of nearly $728,000. One will be used for commercial service and one for residential. Adding a fifth truck to pick up household garbage, along with adding a new route, will certainly help for now.

“I think the fifth truck will last us 2-3 years at this growth rate; that’s my opinion,” he explained. 

It’s a race to keep up with the growing population. The two new trucks won’t be in service until late next year, so for now, a lot of the employees are working overtime to make sure every can and dumpster is picked up.

“There’s no time to clean or get the trucks ready for tomorrow,” Russell added.

Extra trucks and the added route will allow for better, more frequent maintenance back at the shop if it’s needed with hopes of fewer service disruptions on the road.