DAPHNE, Ala. (WKRG) – Driving above the posted speed limit in the Jubilee City is a problem Daphne Police say is getting worse.

“It’s not safe for the children to play outside because drivers are not paying attention. We’ve got a lot of pedestrian friendly neighborhoods and a lot of people like to walk in the afternoons,” said Captain Brian Gulsby.

That’s why next year a new traffic detail, or special assignments squad, will focus patrols on problem areas across the city. 3 to 4 officers will be assigned to address the concerns.

“When we get a specific complaint about a specific area then officers will address that as the call volume allows them to do and issue citations when they need to or warnings,” he explained.

Gulsby says they’re receiving multiple complaints each day from residents, so starting in March the new traffic enforcement should begin.

“Right now the way the patrol officers work they basically just jump from one call to the next and it doesn’t leave them a whole lot of time to conduct traffic enforcement. It’s more intermittent, so what we’re wanting to do is make it more of a daily occurrence,” he said.

Police say the majority of complaints come from the Lake Forest subdivision, especially during peak hours like mornings and afternoons. Smaller neighborhoods are also prone to speeding, though, he says.

“The purpose will be to educate drivers to pay more attention to how they’re operating that motor vehicle. Slow down, full stops at stop signs,” Gulsby added.

The new positions will be created with existing officers.