LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) – There’s something new at Bedrock Blvd. and Hwy. 31 this week in Baldwin County.

“When we have to go across to Stonebridge to pick up the grandkids for any reason it’s been dangerous to get across the intersection back and forth, so we are just really glad that the signals are in,” said Cheri Cribbet who lives nearby.

After months of waiting on parts to finish the project, the traffic signal is finally active. Bedrock Blvd. not only leads to hundreds of new homes, but it’s also the entrance to Stonebridge Elementary School in Loxley.

“The importance of the project is really the growth in the area. We know that Hwy. 31 and all the subdivisions in the area have added to the traffic. There have been some accidents here. There have been some issues,” said ALDOT spokesman James Gordon.

The project may have been behind schedule, but the lights are in place before school starts back next week. Those who travel through the intersection daily hope it’ll prevent accidents and make the commute a little safer.

“There’s a lot of construction traffic out here, a lot of dump trucks and time is money. Those drivers are trying to get to the job sites back and forth and the traffic on the road is very fast,” explained Cribbet.

Signs warning drivers of the new traffic signal will remain in place for a couple of weeks until everyone is aware of the new lights.