FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) – Speeding is something Fairhope Police continue to monitor in neighborhoods and across the downtown area, but within the next three weeks new technology could be the latest tool used to combat the growing problem.

“We do put officers out there to try and work traffic and slow some of that down, but there are other methods we use,” said Lt. Shane Nolte with Fairhope Police.

Five new solar-powered signs will be installed across the city warning drivers when they’re going too fast. It’s a $17,000 investment, but one Lt. Nolte says is needed.

“It also gives us traffic data. It’ll give us the speeds of the cars, the number of cars that are coming through so we use it not only as a way to slow traffic down, but to also get data and figure out where we do have problems,” he continued.

The signs can be moved from one street to another once that data starts coming in. Speed bumps have been added in some areas, but police say many drivers aren’t paying attention. 

“We’ve got a lot of areas especially in downtown right now that are under construction, therefore traffic has been routed around through different areas, so it is causing us issues,” Nolte added.

Even though police are ready to write tickets, they’re hoping most drivers will take the hint when they see the new signs posted.

“Costing somebody $200 for a ticket is definitely a way to get their attention, but we would prefer them just to slow down. If we have to put speed bumps or stop signs everywhere it also slows down emergency vehicles getting where they need to go,” said Lt. Nolte.

Residents can call the non-emergency line to check where the new signs will be posted and if one is needed where you live.