FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — A relentless search by a daughter in Tennessee looking for her Dad. “That’s what I do with my time. Everytime I get a chance I’m always looking.”

Last night, Amanda Galleher came across the name “Seminole Doe”, a story we first reported in 2019. It’s about a man whose body had been pulled from the Styx river in Seminole in March 2000. The only clues to his identity was multiple tattoos. “I clicked tattoos and then when I hit the tattoos, the picture of the indian with her braids popped up and my heart sunk. I know that tattoo.”

She says her father, Daniel Muniz, Jr. was living in Robertsdale in the late 90’s. The last time she saw him she was 16. “I saw other tattoos I was like oh, that was on his arm, that was on the side of his arm.”

Her next call was to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office where she spoke with Capt. Clint Cadenhead and offered possibly more clues. “Marriage certificates from before my mother. That’s where the Becky came in her name was Rebecca. I gave driver’s license number, his social security number, I gave his date of birth.”

She is convinced her search for her father is over. “I know 100 percent from the time I saw those pictures that’s my Dad.”

The mystery is not solved just yet. Investigators call this the strongest lead in decades but will wait for the scientific evidence to prove if what she believes is true.