SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) – It’s an update to a story we’ve been following closely since 2019. The fight to bring a post office back to Spanish Fort is gaining momentum this month. The city’s been without a post office for over two years, but now there’s a push to bring one back to Spanish Fort.

“We’ve been jumping through the hoops for several years on this. We recognize the need,” said Mayor Mike McMillan Tuesday.

The city’s post office, which operated as a contract location for nearly 60 years, closed when the longtime owner retired back in 2019. Since that time Mayor Mike McMillan has been fighting to bring a post office back to Spanish Fort, even traveling to Washington, D.C. for help, but the United States Postal Service keeps pushing back.

“What’s mind boggling to me is they are not a United States department, they are not part of the government, but yet the government two years ago gave them $10 billion to keep them afloat. How can we have say so about what they do. I don’t understand that logic, but we’ve got to get around it,” he explained.

Since the location operated as a stand-alone contract office for so long, USPS felt there was no need to change it to a retail location since the Daphne post office is close by. The Spanish Fort office was operated by contract workers, so there were no grounds to win an appeal with the Postal Service Regulatory Commission. Now, Congressman Jerry Carl is sending surveys to residents this month to show just how crucial the need is.

“If you haven’t had good service, lost mail, late mail, let them know. This is our tool to make this happen, to try and get us a post office. I can’t do it any other way,” said Mayor McMillan.

Congressman Carl and Mayor McMillan plan to present new data and submit the surveys to the U.S. Postal Service, showing the city meets the criteria needed for a new retail post office. McMillan tells us the postal service wants to know how many residents there are currently in Spanish Fort and what the current postal service is like on a daily basis.

If you haven’t received a survey, click here.

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