Navy plane wreckage removed, cleanup begins

Baldwin County

MAGNOLIA SPRINGS, Ala. (WKRG) — The investigation into why the Navy trainer plane crashed Friday in Baldwin County continues. Now, that the wreckage has been removed from the neighborhood where it happened the clean-up can begin.

Heavy equipment, tents, barricades all line the end of Mansion Street in Magnolia Place three days after a T-6B Texan Navy trainer plane crashed killing the pilot and student pilot on board. “This was somewhat of a miracle where the aircraft and the contamination came to rest in someone’s yard, not in their living room,” says on-scene clean-up coordiantor John Baxter.

Now that the wreckage has been removed, a special Navy team is on site. “Our roll is really environmental cleanup,” says Public Affairs Officer Sue Brink.

Jet fuel that did not burn has seeped into the ground. The force of the crash damaging not only the house that caught fire but also the street, sidewalk, driveway and drainage system. “Some of the fuel got burned up, some soaked into the ground,” says Baxter. “We will remove any soil that was contaminated and replace it with clean dirt.”

Almost a dozen families are impacted by the clean up which is expected to last a couple weeks. “This was just one of those freak accidents that just happened to happen in a more populated area,” says Baxter.

With a storm approaching, the Navy is trying to work as quick as possible to get all of the contaminated dirt out of the area. The rest of the cleanup may have to wait until after Zeta clears the area.


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