BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Hopefully the rain holds off for a unique trip through the heart of the Mobile delta. Volunteers at Meaher State Park are hosting a nature walk later Wednesday morning to highlight the region’s special plant and animal life. It’s a trip to the while not that far from home, highlighting the natural wonders many of us drive over from the Bayway almost daily. At 10 Wednesday morning, there will be a nature walk at Meaher State Park.

We’re in the thick of birdwatching and migration season with people taking in the sights of nature. Each walk is a little bit different. They’ll focus on the plants in bloom at this time in the season. The goal is to overcome something called plant blindness–when there’s so much vegetation it can be a blur. They want to highlight what’s unique about our region.

“It’s one of the hotspots for Alabama and there’s a ton of things to talk about we could walk for two hours just on a little stretch and not exhaust all the plants we’ll see and that’s not counting the animals, the rabbits, reptiles and all the things to see.” said Master Naturalist SuzAnne Pendley.

The cost is a $2 park visitor fee but is free to overnight guests and kids under 12.
There is a rain threat today. They will still be doing the walk unless it rains heavily or there’s lightning and thunder. Plan B is going over some photographs of native species and learning how to use an online naturalist resource. It’s the first in a series of nature tours this week, there will be a guided broadwalk sunset tour this Friday at 5 and a “Terrific Turtles” session Saturday morning at 10.