UPDATE (3:12 P.M.): FORT MORGAN, Ala. (WKRG) — Of all the things people see on the beaches of Fort Morgan a 40-foot sailboat is usually not one of them, especially with no owner in sight.

“It scared me,” said Janet Williamson vacationing from Illinois. “If there ain’t nobody in it, where they at?”

48 hours earlier it was anchored almost a mile offshore with no visible problems to the naked eye but later that night, “Tuesday night about 9:30 he had anchored out there he looked like he was having problems,” said Troy Breaux and his family of firefighters who were watching from their vacation home through binoculars.

“We tried to signal SOS to them but there was no response back,” he said. Hours later he was still watching as another boat approached. “Come from offshore and looked like was trying to help them but couldn’t get close enough to them but the people on the sailboat swam ashore, came ashore right here,” said Breaux.

By Wednesday morning, the sailboat dragging its anchor was pushed onshore too.

“They got solar power on it they got a generator on it that’s wrapped,” said Williamson. The couple that swam to shore is reportedly fine and was picked up by a relative with no doubt a story to tell.

Their sailboat named “Living the Dream” has become the backdrop of family photos and maybe a highlight of beach vacations except for Breaux’s.

“Oh, you know, my family is the highlight of my vacation,” said Breaux.

UPDATE (12:05 p.m.): WKRG News 5 has learned the boat is registered out of Oklahoma. According to beachgoers, there was some sort of “distress signal,” over night. The boat was flashing lights at them and they were doing it back, but they never got a response.

The Fort Morgan volunteer fire department received a “medical call” at around 3 a.m. and they responded. The two people on the boat were seen jumping out and swimming ashore, according to people who saw. The two were met by a relative who lives in Baldwin County.

News 5 is working to get more information about the condition of the two people that were on the boat.

FORT MORGAN, Ala. (WKRG) — A sailboat washed up on the shores of Fort Morgan around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning, according to officials in Fort Morgan.

According to officials, the boat named “Living the dream” is around 40 feet and is equipped with solar panel technology. The boat is allegedly registered out of Oklahoma and is rigged for long-distance travel.