FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — In the weeks following Hurricane Ida, loads of hurricane recovery supplies were collected and delivered to Hurricane Ida victims in Louisiana from Baldwin County.

Three weeks later, those efforts seem to have slowed down, but there are still those hoping to help, people like Mike Hood.

“We had a huge response last time and we’re just looking for some stuff to load up and take it to some people that might need it,” said Hood.

Hood and the folks over at Hood’s Home Center have a semi-trailer in their front parking lot they are trying to load with those now familiar items; paper products, water, tarps, “anything you think a person might need that doesn’t have a house,” said Hood.

Coordinating with Baldwin County Emergency Management Agency, the donations are destined for storm victims. But first, they want to fill the trailer and return a favor.

“We get a lot of help here when we have our hurricanes,” said Hood, “so the people here at Hood’s wanted to help out so we said let’s try it again then.”

Hurricane Ida was another storm for the record books, and even after tons of supplies have been given away there is still a need and unfortunately will be a need for some time to come.

They will be collecting donations for about another week. Any churches or civic groups that are collecting and need a way to get it to Louisiana are welcome to help fill up the trailer.