UPDATE (6:25 p.m. 12/9/21): A cat that spent six days trapped atop a 40-foot tree has been reunited with her family. Kiwi was rescued after a viewer, who works for a tree company, contacted her owner and helped bring the cat down from the tree. Read about Kiwi’s six-day ordeal in our original story below.


MONTROSE, Ala. (WKRG) – High up in the trees, a 2-year-old cat is scared and not coming down.

“This has been really heartbreaking. We can hear her. She’s crying, and she wants to come down,” said Heather Warren, a nanny for the cat’s owners. 

It’s tough to spot Kiwi on camera. She’s found a spot to hide between the tree branches in Montrose, but for six days she’s been alone some 40 feet from the ground.

“At this point we know she’s weak, she’s frail, she hasn’t eaten. I don’t know if she’s too weak to come down, but we don’t know what else to do. We need a Christmas miracle,” Warren said. 

She tells us Kiwi is an indoor cat spending some of her time outdoors, but this has never happened before. She figured after a couple of days of rain Kiwi would come down, but now it’s almost been a week and she’s desperate for help.

“We have exhausted what we know to be every avenue to find someone to do it,” Warren said.

She had firefighters come out to look at the possibility of bringing Kiwi out of the tree, but she says logistics and liability issues halted the job. She’s ready now more than ever to bring Kiwi home.

“I mean she’s too high. High enough to make it not an easy feat,” she continued.

If you can help, Heather can be reached at 949-370-0755.