ROBERTSDALE, Ala. (WKRG) — Quietly standing guard over 10,000 pieces of military artifacts, a regiment of mannequins are dressed in uniforms that represent every branch of the armed forces.

The collection ranges from weapons of war to the day-to-day items used by soldiers and marines dating back as far as the late 1800s.

Ninth-grader Preston Lee examines the artifacts as he strolls by rows of display cases.

“I’m very kind of curious as to how their world was like or how the equipment has changed through the years,” said Lee.

“You can feel the history of this place and how it resonates through the entire room,” said 10th grader William Newman.

Lamar Scott, owner of the private collection military collection, hopes for positive reactions from students passing through the media center at Robertsdale High School. But, it’s veterans he really hopes to reach.

Scott recalls how a Korean War vet began to weep when he held a M1-Garand found in Scott’s collection.

“He said, is there any way I can hold it? Something inside said, let him do it. He held that thing and just started weeping,” said Scott.

Scott sees the artifacts as more than just objects. These artifacts carry memories and emotions that can be felt by old and young, veteran and civilian alike.

“I just see it a sin to hold something like this when I can share it with other people and bring back memories,” said Scott.

The public is welcome Tuesday night from 6-8. Students will be able to visit the display through Thursday.