BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — A program working with horses in Baldwin County wants to help more children this summer. On this hot Sunday morning, mentors and kids tend the horses at the Happy Horse Hotel–Members of the nonprofit “Whaley Ranch” are using this space as part of their programs for kids.

“Stable Moments” is for foster or adopted children, the week of June 19th they’re opening it up for free summer camps in order to get more people interested in “Stable Moments” and sign up on a more regular basis

“Breakthroughs to where they’re able to work on anger management type of situations. Sometimes they get frustrated when things don’t come easily, so they’re able to work with the horses to be able to get past that, to learn, even though things in life can be very difficult. It’s how you push through and be able to get through those obstacles,” says Stephanie Whaley with Whaley Ranch. Organizers here say the horses have a temperament that is well-suited to many of the kids that they serve.

“They are very similar to foster and adoptive kids because they are a fight or flight mentality, which a lot of these students have as well. So when something doesn’t feel right, they actually react in a fight or flight. So it teaches the students also how to deal with different situations, how to overcome different obstacles in their life,” said Whaley.

Whaley says their challenge is to continue sustaining the program and they are trying to get more help either through enrollment or donations. For more information on Stable Moments click here. Whaley adds that “we are approved provider for Baldwin and Escambia County, Alabama DHR. So any foster child in those two counties enrolls, DHR covers the fee.”