BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WKRG) — The little town of Bay Minette is about to get a big new neighbor.

“We’ve been close on a number of projects that for whatever reason went away at the last minute,” said Bay Minette Mayor Bob Wills. “I think this one is here to stay.”

A major manufacturer is expected to announce plans to build on the three thousand acre mega-site north of the city near I-65 later this week. Who it is, is still a secret. “There are so many moving parts,” said Wills, “It’s like aligning the stars and the moon and the sun. It all has to happen just right. If you’re investing that kind of money it has got to be just right.”

The county purchased the property more than a decade ago. Since then timber has been cleared, a 200-acre building pad has been added as well as an on-site rail bed. Whoever is coming Wills says will be significant, in the investment, the equipment, the number of jobs created and he says it will be a game-changer for his city. “We expect significant and dramatic change to Bay Minette and North Baldwin as a result of this.”

The announcement is scheduled for Wednesday morning at the Mega-Site in Bay Minette.