BAY MINETTE, Ala. (WKRG) — When Bay Minette School Resource Officer Ronald Saladin started his role in August, he didn’t know he’d get a partner. 

But that’s when he met six-year-old Braylon Henson. 

“I noticed his classmates were out there playing and he was in here by himself. I let him come walk with me because he felt left out,” said Officer Saladin. 

One foot patrol turned into many. With his badge and handcuffs ready, Officer Saladin and his first-grade partner run a tight ship. 

 “Hey! I’ll be back,” the first-grader told one classroom on a foot patrol with Officer Saladin on Friday. 

“You know what you’re getting right? A ticket,” he told one teacher after he found a pencil on her floor. 

SRO Saladin even bought Braylon his very own uniform.“He would take my stuff but he wanted his own little uniform.”

The six-year-old can’t play outside when it’s above 74-degrees out. “He felt left out, and I didn’t want him to feel left out. His mom was afraid he was going to get picked on and bullied when he came to school.”

He was diagnosed with Ectodernal Dysplasia as a baby. Essentially, he overheats because he was born without sweat glands. 

Teachers tell News 5 they have to rub ice on him if his temperature gets too high. 

Officer Saladin says he and Braylon spend an hour or two a day patrolling the hallways while other kids play outside. 

Teachers say they’ve noticed new confidence in Braylon and even his grades have gone up. 

Not to mention he’s become quite a celebrity on campus.

“It’s definitely a blessing, like it was meant to be,” said Officer Saladin.

Braylon tells News 5 he hopes to continue his role as a police officer when he grows up.