SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) — Tricia of Spanish Fort is speaking out after meeting a man on TikTok who she says charmed her and stole her car.

“He’s just global,” Tricia said. “I mean, I just want to come forward because I am hoping we can put this to an end, and get him so he can quit doing this to other people.”

Tricia said she met a man on TikTok who went by the name of Jason Mitchell. They recently met up at Mobile Regional Airport and spent time together on the Eastern Shore.

“We hung out for like three days,” Tricia said. “You know, had some drinks or whatever, getting to know each other, had a great time, laughing, cutting up. I witnessed this man just charming the entire bar.”

But three days later, she says the man offered to house sit while she was out of town. That’s when things took a turn for the worst.

“He kept texting me, telling me he had my car,” Tricia said. “And he only called me and wanted to surprise me by getting my oil changed and fill up my gas tank, then he said my car broke down and that he had to have it towed.”

Tricia then lost contact with him and reported the stolen car to Spanish Fort Police…They soon found out this guy was known to Daphne Police, too. The agencies worked together and came up with a timeline of events.

Spanish Fort Police Chief, John Barber said another local agency had seen this man before.

“Our suspect had come down from West Virginia,” Barber said, “with a lady that he was with. The story was that they were going to go from West Virginia to Texas. He had an IRS bill that he needed to pay, and so on the way, he said to stop in Daphne, it was overnight, a long trip. When they were in Daphne, they go to a hotel, all of a sudden, he leaves with her credit cards and takes the rental car and drops it off at Mobile Regional Airport, so what we figured out was, he went straight to the airport, acting like he flew in, texted our Spanish fort victim and said come pick me up” Barber said.

Spanish Fort Police also said after further investigation…they came to find out that the man’s real name is Brenton Fillars and he is wanted in 6 different states.

Police believe he left Spanish Fort with Tricia’s vehicle and is heading to Texas to do the exact same thing. Tricia also told News 5 that she received a bill in the mail for a toll bridge in Dallas, Texas, that was issued on the day her car was stolen.

Police said this is an ongoing investigation.